Rhonda Dial, M.H. and I have just finished our new book True Health Series: ENERGY! It’s now available from this website (see above tab for the scoop), Amazon.com Kindle e-books, and from the TrueHealthSeries.com website.
I hope that you enjoy it!


Welcome to the Ask Doctor Marty website! As a consultant and retired professor of herbal medicine and nutrition, I get lots of questions. This site is six years worth of monthly newsletters answering the most common, and sometimes funniest, questions.

– Search the scroll-down bars (RECENT POSTS and CATEGORIES) on the left to select newsletters based on topic or date.

– Send me your own question on natural health and I’ll be glad to address it.

– Click on CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT INFORMATION above to check out hundreds of pharmaceutical-grade supplements and how they can make a huge difference in your life.

– For more information about my credentials, check out the ABOUT page.

Happy Reading,
Marty Kernion, Ph.D.


11 responses to “Home

  1. I am very excited about your new website, and I am looking forward to learning so much from your knowledge & expertise!

  2. alright Marty!!!!!! a much needed resource for us. thanks! mickey

  3. A BIG thank you all the way from Arkansas! Love getting your updates. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

  4. way to go girlfriend and mentor!

  5. Congratulations Marty! Quite an impressive list of topics. Next your own TV show perhaps?

  6. Your first book was such a wonderful reference source and so easy to read and understand. I’m sure this latest book and series will be as well, and now your website! Thanks for all your dedication and perservence.

  7. Hey Marty,
    Finally got to your website…..I’ll be reading all summer, thanks. The Tei Fu is working for Bill, yippee!

  8. My question is: did you have a nice birthday? Hope it was more fun than traumatic.😊 Best wishes always. Love, Mark

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